General Dentistry

Nashua, NH Dentist

Prevention is the least costly and most effective way to have a healthy smile for a lifetime. We have seen first-hand the results when people forgo their preventative care due to being busy, losing dental benefits, moving etc. This simple one hour visit will pay dividends towards your dental health. While most people require preventative visits twice a year, some people may only need one and some with challenged dentitions may require more. We will evaluate all of your teeth and restorations, as well as your jaw joints, gum health, and other soft tissues. Your exam also includes a comprehensive oral cancer screening. We will discuss your medical history, medications, and any concerns, such as pain, malocclusion, tooth wear, sensitivity, or a high incidence of breakage or decay. Because every individual has different preventive needs, we customize each client’s treatment and also make appropriate recommendations for home-care programs including Carifree. Keeping your regular preventive appointments can greatly benefit your overall health so be sure to have these visits even if life gets busy or you lose dental benefits!