Nashua, NH Dentist

Most dentures are fabricated with a Linear method that hasn’t changed for over 150 years. However, Dr. Ura uses the Branching technique that is a dynamic concept which can be adjusted to meet the clinical needs of each client. Thanks to this specialized process, you will know what your dentures will look and feel like prior to the final set being made. During this process, Dr. Ura will set your teeth while you are in the office to achieve the best appearance and function, including speech. You can see for yourself and provide input as he designs your smile. A diagnostic denture is then made that allows you to “test-drive” your dentures while it also makes a functional impression. Unlike most denture impressions, the functional impression adapts to your daily life of eating, speaking, laughing, yawning and of course smiling. He also offers implant-supported dentures, which can give you the confidence to eat the foods you desire as well as help preserve your jaw bone for good oral health. Dr. Ura would be happy to explain how his unique approach to dentures can make a real difference in your life.