Cosmetic Porcelain Crowns

Nashua, NH Dentist

Dr. Ura can use porcelain crowns or “caps” to repair teeth and perfect their appearance. Depending on the level of aesthetics required or complexity of the case, Dr. Ura will suggest either one-visit CEREC® crowns or multi-layered porcelain crowns made by master dental technicians in a laboratory located in the USA. The laboratory, NuCraft Dental Arts, is DAMAS certified and uses only FDA approved materials. Both are made exclusively from porcelain and are extremely durable and natural looking. One-visit crowns offer the convenience of a complete, long-lasting restoration without needing to return for a second visit. Crowns from NuCraft provide an even more lifelike option, with hand-layered porcelain, custom shading, and close communication between Dr. Ura and the ceramists, all of whom are Certified Laboratory Technicians.. They are truly the highest-quality crowns available.